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100% Hand Car Wash

Are you tired of the swirl marks and water spots left behind on your car after you go through the run of the mill industrial car wash? Look no further! 76 Fast Lane Carwash Center offers the unique solution. 

Our Complete Hands Only Car Wash, is the ultimate one stop carwash that will leave your car looking as good as it did when it drove off the car lot. 

We carefully hand wash your entire car with are specifically designed cloths, utilizing our non-toxic soaps for a superior clean. After your car is thoroughly cleaned, you will pull forward for the final non evasive rinse and our excellent Rain-X protectant that will keep your car spot free.

Follow are friendly staff to the drying area and wait under the cool trees while we dry your car leaving it glossy and shiny for days to come!

*Oversized vehicles have a addition $20.00 Charge
Extreme oversized T.B.D


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